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Are your products ready to be put on the EU market?

At 1cc, we guide you throught the complex environmental regulatory framework of the EU market entry requirements and support your company along the way towards the market entry, starting from the product development up to the final market access.

We are your reliable product compliance partner, experienced in supporting companies with client-tailored compliance solution that meet your individual company- and product-specific needs.

We are supporting all stakeholders who are dealing with EEE in all stages in the product development - EU producers and assemblers, importers, distributors of an EEE, component suppliers and all other actors in the supply chain placing EEE products on the market (including internet stores) in the variously regulatory requirements REACH Regulation, SCIP Obligation and RoHS Directive.

1cc is your solution to:


                                      Understand the compliance requirements
                                       Identify and meet your compliance requirements
                                       Develop, evaluate and innovate your current product compliance process
                                     Support you with an effective supply chain communication
                                       Track changes of the regulatory requirements that may impact you


We are 1cc 

Your competent partner for worldwide compliance solutions


Download a free poster to get an overview of the 1cc services in regards to product compliance.



Is your product compliant to...

Is your product compliant to...

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